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What no one tells you about games (part 2)

This is part two of a post about gamers' personality. In case you missed part one, here's link.
I have to admit, I greatly enjoy all types of tests and quizzes, so I just had to check what type of a gamer am I. Plus, I wanted to see if there is really a connection between my personality type and my game style – meaning, am I an example that confirms the theory or am I an exception?


Bartle test

I decided to start with the basics and take Bartle Test first. Results didn’t surprise me much - I'm an explorer. My combination would be either ESAK or ESKA as I’ve scored the same percentage for an Achiever and for a Killer (Griefer), but knowing how little I care about killing other players in game, I think I’m more of an ESAK – placing killer type as the last.

I’m a little bit confused by pretty high score in “Socializer”, as I’m not really the type who will group with other people in game unless it’s necessary. On the other hand, I do make friends in games. Even more – many of my friendships that started online, turned into relationships outside the game world, so maybe this is why. Other than that, I think my type from Bartle Test reflect my gameplay pretty well.

Quantic Foundry

Next, I moved to Quantic Foundry to check their testing tool. So here it comes – 48% achievement, 45% creativity, 43% mastery, 38% immersion, 5% social and 1% action. Now that’s more like it! The social and action clusters are linked to extroversion, so no surprise I’ve scored very low there, I’m rather introverted person.

But let’s start from my highest score – achievement. According to Quantic Foundry, gamers with high achievement level are attracted to gaining power and collecting rare objects, even if it requires investing quite some time in it. That sounds like me – I would spend endless hours in game just to collect items that will give me something unique in return – like an ability to craft a rare armor.
My personal results also have shown a very high completion score (83%) and I tend to agree with it, as it means I’ll try to complete the game – all the quests, discover the whole world and its hidden locations, find collectibles.

Creativity was next to the highest score in my profile. Quantic Foundry describes gamers with high creativity as those who would experiment with in-game worlds and enjoy customizing it.
Creativity is related to two components – design and discovery. I’ve scored pretty high in design, so I’ll focus on that one. Gamers with high design score pay a lot of attention to expressing their individuality in game. This means spending a lot of time and effort in their character creation process, they will design their virtual empires to look good etc. They prefer games that allows them to do it. Again, I agree totally, I might spend hours creating my character’s look, pick the name and tweak everything that is allowed to be customized.
In MMO I might spend first day just making my little avatar. And then I get attached to them – I could never ever delete my character. :) This is why I really enjoy playing Aion, that allows you almost full customization of your in-game character and then provides a lot of skins and pure aesthetic little things to...well, to just look pretty. I’ve also spent a lot of time adding mods to my Skyrim, so I can make my thief/assassin character look exactly as I imagined. Even though I’m not seeing her much playing in first person perspective ;)

Third highest score I got in mastery. According to studies, gamers with high score in mastery enjoy the challenge. They like games with a lot of complexity and strategy and are not very spontaneous in their actions in games. Mastery is linked to challenge and strategy – and I got similar, rather high scores in both of them.
Gamers with high challenge percentage like games, where skills and abilities matter a lot. They have no problem taking their time to practice in order to be able to do really difficult things, like defeating a challenging boss. True that, I don’t mind failing until I find a strategy to achieve what I want to achieve in game.  As for high score in strategy – this indicates a gamer, who finds pleasure in planning and thinking before acting, making long-term strategies and goals.
And again, I agree with the result – even though I’m not so much into pure strategic games, I apply strategy in other games I play – I plan ahead, I do research and I like to know my next steps.

Immersion – I didn’t score that high in it, but still it’s a rather important factor in my profile. I think this is because I like both single-player and multiplayer games and they provide a different narratives in general. While in single-player RPG there is usually an elaborate storyline, a huge open world and characters with a lot of depth, in MMO it’s a little bit simplified to attract many different types of gamers. I do enjoy a complex back-story in a game and characters that are more than just a few pixels – I like to talk to NPCs in games and find little details about them. That explains why I’ve scored rather high in “story” component related to immersion.

Social and action components were the lowest of my scores – as I said, this was not a surprise to me. Low social score gamers prefer playing games solo and they don’t want to depend on other people. I’m a loner and I prefer if a game provides me a way to explore the world by myself – which is why in MMO I care about balanced classes, so I can survive without a healer or a group.
Sometimes I group with other players, but it’s in order to achieve something otherwise impossible, not for chatting and socializing. In the past I was a member of clans and guilds and enjoyed it – we were working towards a common goal and I did make quite of few friends there. Now, when I don’t have much time to play, I prefer to be a lone wolf or maybe to play with one or two friends.

I scored lowest in action components – so low, that is almost non-existent in my profile. In general, gamers with low action scores prefer slow-paced games and calm environment. I don’t know if it’s exactly true, personally I just want to do things in my own pace, slower or not and I don’t care much about being in the middle of action.
Probably this is why I get annoyed so much if I’m forced to PvP (player vs. player) while I just wanted to collect those damn materials for whatever craft I was planning. I won’t shy away from a duel, but also I won’t go after another player – it’s not my priority.

Myers & Briggs

So far, so good – Quantic Foundry analysis is pretty much accurate and I’m satisfied with the results. It makes a lot of sense and describes my personality as a gamer. Last thing to do is to see how my profile looks like according to Myers & Briggs taxonomy.

I’ve known my MBTI type already, but decided to run that test once again, just to check if I’ll get the same result as in the past. And it turns out I’m still an INTJ. Which makes me feel a little bit like I'm part of elite club, as it’s the rarest type among women ;)

This puts me in the “analysts” category and specifically describes me as an “architect”. According to the research, architects are ones who might jump from playing games to designing them pretty quickly. This is linked to their confidence (and sometimes arrogance, to be fair) that they’re capable of doing it. Gamers of that category are a natural born builders, so they get attracted to games allowing them to create whole worlds and giving them a lot of control. They don’t really enjoy action games – and personally I dislike them as too “simple” ;)
Architects will most likely choose a mage class when it comes to role-playing games and now that I think of it, most of my characters in MMO are magical classes, but in single-player games I’d pick an archer as I prefer sneaky attacks over face-to-face combat (plus bow as a weapon really suits the thief class in RPG – and that’s what I usually choose). This type of a gamer might spend a lot of time and effort in order to unlock a special skill or explore the world to find hidden locations.
They don’t do it for others, but for themselves – so they won’t brag about it and if they find some amazing place, they might keep it in secret. I agree with it, I tend to look for the “sweet spots” to gather materials and never sharing it with others – these are my little secret places ;) I have no interest in high ranks or being first among other players, which is also a trait of an architect’s type and that’s why I rather play solo or pick a single-player game.


Taking into account all of the tests and their results, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. They all describe a similar type of person, so it looks like they might be reliable source on the subject of personality – as a gamer or in general. I can see correlations between the models used in the studies I’ve found, and I tend to agree that the way we play games or what genre we choose depends highly on our personality and is related more or less to our psychological profile. I find it very fascinating to find the links between all of them and I really want to know how it is for other people.

Which type are you?

Do these tests describe you correctly?

Share your results with me, I’m very curious who you are!

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  1. This is literally super interesting to me. I'm always fascinated by these sorts of things. I haven't heard of all these tests but the last time I took my Myers brings I was a ENFJ...and was told that if I had kids I'd be extremely inconsistent, it'd either be feast or famine...and that seems really accurate... I don’t have children. I want to look into doing some of these other tests. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love these type of tests, I like to see how accurate they are and learn new things about human nature. As for being a mother - they say it might be particularly challenging for INTJ woman like me, as we're not so good with emotions - showing them or reading - we'll see how it goes, when I'll have kids I guess :)

  2. Wow! I want to say hello and your blog genre is really unique and very different for a female blogger. I did MBTI quite long ago, I think I am a IN-something-J. I didn't know you can associate MBTI with gaming, that is something new I learn today!

    1. I just write about things I love! :) If you're IN-something-J, then you might be the same type as me! (which would be really cool, we're not so many after all!)

  3. Very cool! Going to pass this on to our teenage gaming son. Would love to see what these tests come up with for him.

    1. I think it might give you an interesting perspective about his motivations in general, which can be helpful in many day-to-day situations.

  4. I am an INFJ!

  5. Interesting .. I plan on sharing with my teenagers!

  6. I love this article because it explores a topic that I know very little about. I am always eager to learn new things! But if I was a gamer I imagine I would probably be a Socializer or an Achiever. Thank you for this refreshing post on a fun topic! It was a good read. :-)

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed it! I love to learn new stuff too - sometimes it leads into surprising and fascinating new paths :)

  7. I've never done the Myers Briggs test. I see it everywhere, those letters, but never think about doing it. I have enough letters and labels. Good post though, enjoyed it.

    1. I do not like labels either, we're all individuals after all and shouldn't be put in one box, but I have to admit this Myers Briggs is pretty accurate and gave me a better understanding of some aspects of my personality.


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