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11 awesome (free) fonts to try right now!

Hi, I'm Katarzyna and I'm a font addict. I realised that, when I decided to put my fonts in some sort of order - and I discovered over 1.600 fonts in my folder. I've got a serious problem, taking to account that whenever I'm working on a new project I will most likely install another font that matches the design & my customer's personality. Either this or I will stick to one of the favourites - which is probably about 5% of my collection. I. Need. To. Clean. Up. My. Fonts. Seriously. But before I'll do it (Yes, I know it's called procrastination. And yes, I know it's a bad thing.) let me present you 11 awesome fonts that I personally love!

1. Bebas Neue

My absolute #1 when it comes to headers and inspirational quotes. Simple, bold & clean. It's a sans serif font originally designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. Bebas Neue comes in few weights - from thin to regular. You can download it here: Link 

2. Allura (Regular)

Isn't it beautiful? Allura is an elegant, calligraphic script font designed by Rob Leuschke. It's stylized, yet very clean. Perfect for those invitations you're designing! Allura Regular is a part of the paid Allura Pro family, but it's avaiable for free - also for commercial use. Download it here: Link Whole Allura Pro family you can buy here: Link 

3. Hanken round

This is a clean, geometric font. It was designed by Hanken Design Co. It has a modern, rounded look and fits perfectly into many designs. Can be used as headlines, as well as titles or even to write longer texts as it's very readable. Download it here: Link 

4. Font Awesome

Ok, now - this one is a special case. Font Awesome is an iconic font that contains every single icon you can think of - social media, arrows, buttons etc. Truly awesome! To use it as vector shapes in your designs you need to follow the instructions, as it's a little more complicated than the usual "download-install font-use" procedure - but it is worth it! You can also use it directly in your webdesigns and easily customize it in CSS. Sources & all the info here: Link 

5. Coolvetica

Remember Helvetica? The most-hipster-used-everywhere font? Well, Coolvetica it's like that one, but it's free. Of course there are some differences - like slightly different tails and smaller spaces between characters, but other than that - it's a free alternative to Helvetica family. It will look really cool on all the motivational posters you wanted to make! Download here: Link

6. Cookie

Very sweet name for a cute font! Cookie is a script font that reminds a little bit of '50 style signboards and pin-up posters. Really delicious and interesting font to be used in your designs! Despite calligraphic style it remains simple and readable. You can download it here: Link 

7. Roboto

Designed by Christian Robertson, Roboto is a very friendly font, widely used on websites. It looks great even when the text is very long and helps to maintain the natural reading flow. It comes in many weights, suitable for all purposes. Roboto is avaiable for download (and quick use in webdesign) here: Link 

8. Lato

This amazing, light font has been designed by a Polish designer Łukasz Dziedzic. Name of that font means "Summer" in Polish and it really carries the impression of freedom, warmth, sun and fun - all the best things in the summer! It's a very friendly, yet professional font and comes in 18 styles, which makes it suitable for any type of design. Download the whole Lato family here: Link 

9. Amatic

Amatic font designed by Vernon Adams is a great option when your design calls for hand drawn appeal. It works very well for titles, headers and short texts. It comes in two styles - regular and bold. Since it's narrow and rather condensed, it doesn't look bulky and comes across as a light and friendly. You can download it from here: Link 

10. Pacifico

Another font by Vernon Adams. This script font, inspired by 50' American culture is perfect for fun, summer-y and "hawaiian" like designs. It's a friendly, casual and paintbrush-like font that will look great in headers, titles and logo designs. You can get it here: Link

11. Quicksand

Quicksand is an elegant, rounded font designed by Andrew Paglinawan. It comes in three weights as well as dash version (like in the picture above) and italic. It's perfect for headings and titles.  Quicksand was inspired by 20' and 30' sans serif geometric fonts. It's a beautiful, light, contemporary font that can be used in many designs and it will look awesome! Download it here: Link

12. Bonus - Comic Sans

Comic Sans MS often reffered to as Comic Sans is a casual script font designed by Vincent Connare for Microsoft. It was intented to be used in informal documents and designs. It will look amazing in your designs, no matter what the project is about! ... You didn't believe me, right? Comic Sans is the most hated font among designers. It ALMOST never look good. And by "almost" I mean about 99.99% cases. Stay away from Comic Sans, people! Unless you REALLY know what you're doing. If you want to report a Comic Sans Criminal or to read about proper use of that font, go here: Link

Alright, so - here you have my personal top 11 fonts to use in your designs! Hope you like them. Please forget the bonus. It never happened. 

What are your types? Are you a font addict like me?

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  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE finding new fonts! Thanks for sharing these! I will definitely be using them!

    1. Me too! That's how I got to this enormous number of fonts on my PC :D

  2. These fonts are great. Thanks.

  3. LOL! You almost got me with Comic Sans! ;) I've been using Coolvetica for a while, love it!

    1. Hahah, I just couldn't resist! Happy to know you like Coolvetica too! :)

  4. Great list here - you had me for a second with Comic Sans. :) But I hadn't heard of Coolvetica!

    1. Comic Sans - providing material for jokes since 1994 ;) I'm glad you found a new font on my list then! :)

  5. Font Awesome!! I love that it includes all the social media and icon fonts. What a nifty font to have!

    1. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of that one! Very useful, especially when it comes to webdesign :)

  6. Font awesome is exactly what I need! THANK YOU! :)

    1. You're welcome! I've had an "a-ha!" moment when I found it :D

  7. I am now into calligraphic type of fonts for my blog...I like Allura...thanks for sharing! :)


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