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Hello there!

My name is Kati. I'm a visual brand designer and I love to work with creative entrepreneurs and amazing lady bosses who are totally ready to level up their brand!

I can help you to elevate your branding by defining strategy and converting your vision into a design which is not only effective, but also "yours". More about me...

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Samples of my work

Happy Clients

Raluca Borcan CMO at Lifelines to Greece

Katarzyna is a perfectionist to the core and will always go the extra mile(s) to make sure the delivered product exceeds the customer's expectations. She's the most adaptable and down to earth artist I have had the pleasure of working with. She puts her heart and soul into every project, which shows not only in the finished designs but throughout the entire creative process. She truly understands the needs of her customers as well as the market. On top of it all, she is a delight to work with. I not only recommend her, but strongly encourage anyone in need of high quality graphic material to get in touch with her.

Elena Sinel Founder/CEO at Acorn Aspirations

Kati has an incredible eye for design, great attitude, very reliable and just an absolutely delight to work with. She understood the brief for our logo and completed the designs in no time. How she came up with the concept of incorporating "tech" into "acorn" is beyond me - very creative!

Margot Galiart Owner at MG Multitasking

Katarzyna has made me a logo that I am very pleased with. The whole process was well prepared in the sense that she asked the right questions to get an idea of what I wanted my logo to represent. She delivered also very fast. I can only say that I experience Katarzyna as an easy to work with person. She is a perfectionist, organized but still flexible. It is fun to work together.

Aga Gajownik Speaker|Strategist at Aga Gajownik

Katarzyna is a great professional who really helped creating my personal logo. She is very understanding and patient. I love the results of her work!

Recent Posts

Time to get organized - get your free planner templates!

Aaah, New Year, new me, right? :) I don't really make New Year's resolutions, as we all know how hard is to keep them, but what I like to do is to make PLANS. This year the plan is to get more organized! And there is nothing better to help me with this than a pretty planner! So I went for a great quest to find the perfect planner for my needs - I browsed hundreds of websites, checked a bunch of online shops and...well I came to conclusion that if I want to have an ideal planner, I should make it myself ;) The only thing I eventually bought was a "cover" with basic lined papers and it's so pretty!

Planner templates

When it finally arrived, I've created customized pages to fill it in with - daily to-do list, weekly & monthly schedule and a contact list. Initially I made only one color theme, but then I thought - what if you want some different colors? This is why I share with you not one, not two, but FOUR different sets of templates! Here they are - all free for you to download! :)

All of the themes include above mentioned pages in A5 format - each as a separate PDF file plus a combined sets for easy printing on a standard A4 home printer.

 If you wish to download all of the themes immediately, jump here.


 1. Cool mint

mint planner

The daily to - do page includes a space for your task list, planned appointments, phone calls and e-mails to send. It also has a little space for notes, cute glass icons to track your daily water intake and a mood tracker in the form of hearts!

2. Candy Pink

pink planner

On the weekly schedule page you'll find tables for every day of a week, a place to put your top 3 goals, make notes and a table where you can track your habits such as work-outs, courses and anything you do on a weekly basis.

3. Sweet Lavender

lavender planner, purple planner

Monthly schedule allows you to mark tasks for every day of a month, important dates such as birthdays & anniversaries plus a table to track your monthly expenses!

4. Classic Black

black planner, classic planner

Contact list is exactly what it says it is ;) A place to put your important contacts - it includes lines for name, address, phone number & e-mail.

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Free planner templates Witty Mind Design

Just be creative! Things that make designers scream (internally)

You know what’s the most important thing when working with these special snowflakes called designers?
Trust & communication. Yup – that’s about it and I could just end up here, but then it wouldn’t be THAT helpful!;) Throughout the years of work as a designer there have been moments when I felt like “I’m the king of the world!”. There were also days when I was considering moving into the mountains to live as a hermit for the rest of my life (as long as my cave had wi-fi, that is). Don’t get me wrong, we designers, love to work with our customers, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this industry (or at least not for very long). Many times we will go an extra mile in order to satisfy people we’re working with. We will stay up all night just to finish something (or because we’re inspired and we wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway). And as much as we’re happy to go through the whole process of designing a piece for you, we do have a dark, cranky side. Call it our pet peeves, frustrations, designer’s first world problems or whatever you like, the point is – these little things are sometimes crucial to the outcome of our cooperation.
Let’s talk about the dark side today, shall we?

1. Make it pop!

This, along with “wow factor” and “make it more sexy” is a designer’s nightmare. We would love to “make it pop!” for you, but it’s not really clear what you mean by that. The “pop” means…well, not much – do you want fireworks? Brighter colours? BIGGER fonts? Or unicorns jumping out of every corner of your website? We seriously cannot tell from that simple phrase. 

Solution: Be more specific in your feedback. Tell us what the mythical “pop” means for you and YOU specifically, as this might be rather subjective thing. Usually, more seasoned designers will ask questions at that point to be able to deliver exactly the “wow factor” you want. But it would save us both a lot of time if you told us details or provided a sample of design that “pops” for you. Instead of “make it pop” say: “I want to see more colours/I like the font used here: *link to whatever you googled and liked*/I want it to feel more energetic”.

2. I’ll know what I like when I see it

As a girl with a soft spot for shiny/geeky/cute stuff I totally get that statement – when I go shopping for a new shoes or a piece of jewellery, that’s how it is. But if I was about to hire somebody to build me a house, this kind of statement would get me nowhere. Not to mention the poor architect and construction crew would probably get so frustrated with building, breaking, rebuilding and so on, that eventually I’d end up trapped in a wall (the wall I would still not like on top of everything else!).

Solution: We’re really happy to give you a design you’ll love, but at the same time we’re no magicians nor mind-readers (even though that would be awesome!), so we really can’t figure out what you like if you don’t point us in the right direction. You’re important, your design is important and we respect your time, so make it easier for both parties and simply show us few images/links/photos from google that you like, so we know where we’re going.

3. Be creative!

Now that one is tricky. It does sound like a blessing to a designer – “use your creativity, you’ve got the freedom”. But it turns into a nightmare when we do our best and you simply don’t like it. Not only it hurts our feelings, because, you know – every design we make is a little bit like a child to us and now you’re telling us this little creation of our mind is “blah”. It also gets YOU frustrated, because you thought you’ll get a steak, and we deliver you a salad.
You see, we creative peeps will probably have at least few ideas for whatever you want us to design for you – giving us the freedom is great, but also means we’ll pick an idea we feel great about at the moment and not necessary the one you’d like.
This usually happens upon the first time cooperation, when we don’t know each other yet. With customers we’ve done several designs for, there is not so much of a problem – you know what we can do and trust us, we know what you like and what you expect from us.

Solution: Whenever you get to work with a new designer, say what you have in mind – it doesn’t have to be a clear picture, but some keywords, impressions and general vision are really helpful.

4. Make the logo bigger

We know your brand is the most important thing for you and we understand it. This doesn’t mean that your logo has to be the most prominent element of a design (unless it’s a scientific paper and it’s a cover page or something). Good design implements your branding – which means not only a logo, but your brand’s colours, fonts and feeling into whatever the piece is. Plus – it looks much more professional. Think of Lacoste t-shirts – the logo is tiny, but you know it’s original because of the fabric’s quality, a fine stitching (and the price, but that’s a different story).

Solution: Trust us. We’re working with you, not against you. We want to make your brand look great and professional and we know how to achieve that. The logo is a part of a well thought composition and your target audience will see it, even if it’s in the footer or corner of the design.

5. Fill up that space!

Sometimes it may look like there is a lot of empty space that BEGS to be filled with whatever elements and it’s as if we didn’t work hard enough on your design. That’s not true – actually minimalism is the hardest thing. And the “wasted” empty space is as important as the filled up one. It lets your eyes to “breath”. It makes it easier to read and to process the information. It is not WASTED. It’s called WHITE space and it’s your friend. The only exception I can think of are the flyers with description of use and side effects you find when you buy medicines – but in that case it’s not about design or conveying a message, it’s about fitting ALL of the information on a tiny piece of paper, and let’s face it – have you ever read any of those and thought: “wow, this is a great design, that brand must be amazing”?

Solution: As long as all of the important content is there and it’s perfectly readable, you don’t have to worry about it. There is really no need to fill up every tiny little space on your design, on the contrary – white space makes it look more “airy” and easier to read. You’re not paying us per quantity of elements/photos/patterns, but for quality - making the right impression and passing the correct message.

6. We know what we want (so they say).

Tweaking and changes are a part of a designing process and it’s rather expected to be asked to move some elements here and there or change colours etc. What comes as a great surprise and a really frustrating experience, is when we hand a ready, polished and finished design to our customer just to find out they completely changed their mind about what they want. If this happened somewhere in the middle of the process, that’s fine – we can apply changes pretty fast and adjust to new requirements. But when after sending samples and receiving feedback everything seemed fine, we suddenly find out your brand won’t be selling toys but construction materials instead, then there is a big problem. We have to start from the beginning, because there is no way to make the initial design to match your new target audience. And then we have to face a really tough choice: whether to be nice, make a new design and simply swallow up the fact we already spent a lot of time on a previous one which is not going to be used ergo: paid for, or to be cold business and request a payment for the first design before we even start a new one for you. This is not a pleasant situation for either side.

Solution: Make sure you know what your brand/product/target audience is before you ask a designer to create something for you – especially when it comes to logo. If there will be some text included in a design, have it ready – changes of phrasing and/or adding/removing few lines are not a big issue, but if a few paragraphs we agreed on suddenly grows to few pages, this requires redesigning everything from the beginning – wasting your time and ours.

7. Take a logo from our FB page

Or any graphic element from web and implement it into something that will be printed. Without getting into too many technical details – the quality of most of the graphic elements on web is not sufficient for printing, even if it looks really nice and sharp on your screen. We need a high quality logo (best if you’ve got a vector based version) and photos from you in order to deliver an equally high quality end product.

Solution: If you’ve got a proper files, provide them – we’ll give you specifications. If you don’t have them – let’s discuss how to work around the problem – maybe we can recreate a logo in quality that is needed, maybe we can find similar stock photos to ones you wanted – unfortunately this takes times and may cost a bit.

8. Use some pictures from Google

Contrary to the popular belief, things on the internet are not free. Especially when it comes to graphics and photos. So basically, we cannot use them unless we pay for a license. We don’t want to get into legal problems for violating copyrights, plus we think of how it would feel if someone stole one of our designs – because this is what it really is – stealing. There is plenty of CC0 (public domain) pictures and these can be used in your design freely, but if you want a specific photo or element that is protected by copyrights, we cannot remove its watermark and use it – we need to buy it, which increases the cost of the whole design.

Solution: If you can provide your own photos, then great! This way not only you hold rights to them,  so we don’t need to buy any license, but also you can be 100% sure that no one else will use the same photos, which makes it original and can help building your personal brand.  If it’s impossible and you don’t want to pay for the photos, then we can resort to photos marked as public domain. If you’d like to use a specific graphic element or photo that is protected, then in order to use it there is no other way than buying it.

9. Send me a file in Word/PowerPoint/whatever

Sometimes we’re getting such requests – our customers want their designs to be send in popular formats, so they can play with them, edit and make changes. Designers are very hesitant when it comes to this – not only because every creation is carefully put together and changing it may destroy the fine balance (plus it’s not going to be “our” design anymore), but mostly because it’s pretty much impossible. In our work we use specialized software and the files are not made to be translated into popular formats like .doc or .ppt.

Solution:  Where is a will, there is a way! We can always make an agreement to make some changes off charge or for discount price – i.e. if we’re creating a flyer for you that you’ll use several times with minor changes of the text every now and then. This way you’re going to get always the top quality and our help/advice when it comes to building your brand. In most of the cases we can also provide the source files (it depends on the legal regulations of a country we’re working in though) – it’s not very likely that you’ve got the software to open and edit them, but we are able to send them if you really need it.

10. It’s an emergency, except it is not.

This is pure annoyance – we get a call late afternoon, or Friday evening, or even weekend – it’s an emergency, the customer needs something to be done ASAP or the hell breaks loose! It happens, we get it – there are times when something unexpected occurs and you need a design within a day or even less – short deadlines, last minute deals etc. We’re really willing to help! Designers can usually work under such pressure and with short deadlines, we also understand that things happen at the last moment. And it’s very likely that we will take the “emergency” task over the weekend or late afternoon, just to help you solve your problem. What’s annoying, it’s that many times what supposed to be an “emergency” turns out to not be so urgent. So we end up pulling an all-nighter or sacrificing plans we had when it wasn’t necessary – this can really piss one off.

Solution: We respect your time and it would be great if you do the same in return! When it’s a real emergency, do not hesitate to make a call – we’ll do our best to help you, but when it’s really not a matter of life and death – please leave it for the next day/after weekend/holiday/whatever. Think of our sanity and famillies y’all! ;)

That’s it! Now you know how to deal with designers in order to ensure a win-win cooperation! It’s not that hard – as long as there is a mutual understanding, respect and smooth communication everyone will be happy! :)

Are you a designer? What are your pet-peeves?

Are you a customer? Are you happy with results of your cooperation with designers?

Share your thoughts with me! :)

PS. If you find the pictures in this post amusing and you'd like them as a wallpaper, I got you covered! I made a pack containing all of them in 1920 x 1080 resolution and you can have it totally free! The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to my newsletter below (I'm not sending spam, like EVER! ;) ) and you'll get an access to download page!

Alternative to graphics tablet? Adonit JOT Mini review

Recently I’ve been looking for a replacement of a graphics tablet and instead of simply buying a new Wacom or anything like that, I’ve decided to try something else. In the past, in order to do any digital drawings or paintings you had two options – either use your mouse and suffer from hand cramps (it’s a thing, seriously – if you’ve ever were clicking for many hours, you know what I’m talking about) or invest into buying a drawing tablet.
The first solution is quite masochistic, even though I still do it sometimes, the other one requires a little bit of “rewiring” – you need to get used to the fact that you’re drawing on a surface in front of you, but the result shows up on the screen – kind of funny feeling at the beginning ;)
Now there is a third option – any device with a touchscreen and a stylus pen. Most of stylus pens on the market have a thick tip, which is not suitable for pixel-perfect work, but I found one series that is different – Adonit JOT and I decided to give it a shot.
They have few models available – you can check them on their website. I didn’t find a model supporting the pen pressure feature at any store in my city, so I got the simple one – Adonit JOT mini.
Here's my (first ever!) review of this stylus pen (with an assistance of Mr. Tiny Sith).


Adonit JOT mini stylus pen is made of aluminium, which makes it a little heavier than plastic pens I’ve tried in the past, but this allows a better “feel” in your fingers.
It comes in few colors – white, green, blue, red, gold and black. I went with classic black to match the rest of my devices ;)
It’s also designed in such a way, that you can clip it – just like a traditional pen – to your shirts’ pocket or on top of a file case. It’s a nice touch, even though I don’t think I’ll be using it. 

The cap of the Adonit pen can be put on both ends, which is great as it’s small and might be easy to lose otherwise. It's made to protect the tip of the stylus pen.  Speaking of which – the tip has a unique design, which is why I picked this brand. The tip is tiny, looks a lot like a ball pen – and normally I would be concerned to put anything like that on a touchscreen, but Adonit thought of this too and added a small plastic protective disc at the tip to prevent from scratching the devices’ screen.
The disc is movable and you can use this stylus pen at different angles (based on my tests, up to about 45 degrees).
In my case, stylus pen came with a plastic base to be placed on. It’s nicely designed and makes a pen easy to pick up whenever needed.

Technical details

Mr. Tiny Sith has a little problem lifting the pen – the Force might not be as strong with him, as he would like it to be ;)
Adonit JOT mini is compatible with all of the devices with touchscreen – regardless the operating system. I didn’t test it on anything with OS, but I can confirm it’s fully functional with Android 4.4, 5.0, and Windows 8.1 – basically there is no reason to not be compatible with anything at all, as it’s simply a thinner and more precise replacement of your fingertips ;)
  • Length: 11,5 cm with the cap screwed in on the top and 10 cm with no cap on (or with cap covering the tip);
  • Diameter: 0,7 cm – about the same as a regular pencil;
  • Base:  length – 14 cm, width – 5,5 cm;
  • Tip diameter:  2 mm.


I’ve tested JOT mini on my cellphone and tablet running Android system and on a 2 in 1 Lenovo netbook with Windows 8.1.
First impression – it runs smoothly on both screens and allows for doodling and writing experience similar to classic pen & paper style.
The only detail that could be problematic for some users is the fact that it makes a rather big dots – depending on your writing style it might be an issue or not – for me it’s not such a big deal after all. I don’t use my devices to actually *write* notes or to-do lists as I prefer typing, but I could see myself handwriting some comments on documents this way.

As for drawing – here a lot depends on an app you’ll be using. With a set of regular touchscreen and stylus pen you don’t get the pressure control, so some of the features of drawing software might be unavailable. Other than that, drawing and coloring using JOT Mini is quite pleasant experience. 

At first, I tried JOT Mini with Photoshop, but it had a problem interpreting tapping correctly – it was scrolling/zooming instead of drawing lines – which turns out to be a well-known software issue – come on, Adobe – fix it!
Then I switched to GIMP, which (surprise, surprise!) works perfectly fine on touchscreen devices – and I was able to use all of the tools properly with JOT Mini. I didn’t make any advanced digital drawings with it yet, but as far as I can tell, it’s certainly possible and very smooth. I have to say, it was a lot of fun to draw directly on a screen – it gives a more natural feeling than using a classic graphics tablet.

I also tested JOT Mini stylus pen with a few drawing apps from Windows and Google Play stores – just to see how it behaves with those.
I chose SketchBook app by Autodesk and Sketchable by Silicon Benders LLC. Both of them are very good drawing apps for your devices, but this is a material for a separate post ;)
Personally, I’ve enjoyed sketching with JOT Mini more than I expected – it runs smoothly, doesn’t create breaks in lines and it doesn’t “jump”. 

I’m not sure yet if I’ll be using it for actual digital painting, but it’s perfect for fast concepts and line art. Using it it's for sure easier than making a sketch by hand and then scanning it in order to work on it digitally.
The problems I’ve faced while drawing with JOT Mini are: sometimes it needs few taps to select a tool – I’m not sure how much it's the fault of a stylus pen and how much the sensitivity of a screen, and lack of pen pressure feature – which was expected with such a setup.


Mr. Tiny Sith is obviously in love with Adonit JOT Mini stylus pen and I think I’ve heard him whispering something about ruling the galaxy – can’t blame little guy for his dreams!
Overall I find using Adonit JOT Mini stylus pen combined with touchscreen device a pleasant alternative to a graphics tablet – it turns out such a combination allows me to do most of the things – writing, drawing, colouring with enough precision to do actual work.

As I’m very used to hand drawing, this kind of setup feels “natural” while I’m working. The design is on a high-end quality when it comes to used materials and at the same time user-friendly, as it looks and makes you feel like you’re holding a regular pencil.
The pen itself could be a little bit longer which doesn’t create any practical problems for me, but if Mini's length doesn't work so well for you, there is a PRO series that is bigger in size.

My rating on a scale 1-5:

  • DESIGN: 4.5 – I’m not sure how stable the protective plastic disc on the tip will be in a long run;
  • TECHNICAL: 4 – could be a little longer, even in Mini version;
  • WRITING: 4 – problem with dots size – could be annoying while writing;
  • DRAWING: 4.5 – a little issue with sensitivity of taps;
  • OVERALL: 17/20

Have you tried stylus pen & touchscreen combination?

What do you think of it as an alternative drawing tool?

A quick guide to productive (and happy) freelancing

Freelancing seems like an amazing career path – there is no boss over your shoulder, you schedule your work as it suits you, there is no fixed working hours, so you can take a break whenever you feel like it and you can wear your pyjama at the "office". But what seems to be a blessing, it’s also a curse of this type of work. Well, except the pyjama part – this is a perk that comes with no strings attached. The biggest problem while working from home or freelancing is to organise all of your tasks and to stay focused. How to do this?

1.Set working hours

Just because you don’t have to leave your house to go to work, it doesn’t mean you should not have "business hours".  It helps to stay focused and you’ll be able to plan your tasks better. Plus – your customers will know when it’s best to reach you. You will also avoid phone calls from them in the middle of the night (except emergencies). As a freelancer you have a freedom of specifying your business hours, but I’ve learned that despite the fact that I’m an owl person and enjoy working at night, most of my customers prefer more "civilized" time of a day. This is why I do my best to keep my working hours same as most traditional businesses.  I’m not so strict though, I won’t drop things in the middle just because it’s let’s say six o’clock ;) And there were many times I worked overnight – inspiration is a tricky thing, it comes when it comes, not when you want it.

2.Keep notes

Whether you’re a pen & paper person or you prefer to use one of the many applications, keeping notes and making to-do lists helps a lot to keep track of your tasks. And if you’re a planning maniac like me, there is no better feeling than marking things as done on to-do list ;) Personally I use traditional notebook to write down daily tasks and new things to do and Google Keep as a digital notes application. I save links for later, articles to check, ideas for the next projects and whatever inspire me. And because Google Keep synchronizes across all of my devices, I can manage my lists wherever I am. You know this feeling when you suddenly have an idea for some great post or drawing or whatever and if you don’t write it down it’s gone forever in no time? Been there and hate it, so now when I have one of those “lightbulb-over-my-head” moments, I write a short note – on my cell phone, tablet or PC.

3.Don’t lose track

When you’ve got many projects running at the same time it’s very easy to lose track of them and either forget something or miss deadline. In order to be able to follow several projects in parallel, I’m using Trello. Trello as a web tool allowing you to create boards for any project you’re working on, set milestones and specify details as well as time needed to get them done. It’s much easier to manage your tasks, when you know exactly how much time is left for every one of them. You can also prioritise them easily and check those that are finished – it’s very satisfying!

4.Stay away from distractions

Let’s face it, when there is no one to report you for not doing your job, it’s extremely easy to lose track of time and spend hours watching funny cats’ videos (don't judge, cats’ videos are the best!), checking your Facebook, browsing internet, posting photos on Instagram etc. Don’t take me wrong – your presence in social media is extremely important for business’ promotion, but it’s better to schedule it, than take a break every now and then with an excuse "I’ve got to check if I got new likes/comments/messages" and then spend few hours on scrolling the newsfeed. Funny thing is – even the habit of checking the mail can be a distraction. Even though it’s a part of a job, it’s best if you set specific times for doing so. I’m still fighting the urge to check my e-mail as I’m writing this post, so it’s not easy!

5.Take a break

I know I’ve been talking about business hours and all that, but sometimes you really need to step back from what you’re doing and take a breath. Working continuously for many hours lowers your productivity and causes frustration. Not to mention neck pains if you’re sitting at the desk for a long time. So it’s perfectly fine to make another coffee or a snack (I cannot concentrate when I’m hungry, so it’s justified ;) ) as long as you don’t overdo it. Working from home gives you the privilege of taking a break when you need it, so enjoy it! Go outside for few minutes if you’ve got a balcony or a garden, move around a little bit and then go back to work with fresh mind.

6.Don’t lock yourself in the house

Because your home is your office, you may end up practically not leaving it and that’s a bad thing. First of all, you’ll start missing people –  even as a die-hard introvert like me, after a while you will start feeling lonely which will lower your motivation and your spirit will go down. You might also fall in the same trap as people working at the office and feel angry because you’re sitting at the desk while it’s so beautiful outside.  This won’t help your productivity at all! So, if it’s possible, try working outside – if you’re a writer, designer or anybody who works on computer, it’s really not a bad idea to get a laptop (if you don’t have one already) and take your work to some other place than your house once in a while. It could be your favourite cafeteria if you feel like being around people or a chair on your balcony (where I’m working at the moment) if it’s a nice, sunny day ;) You could also look around to find if there are any workhubs in your area. They're being created in many cities, as coworking becomes more and more popular. Workhubs provide a shared office space plus snacks and free coffee many times, but most of all – a company of other people working in a similar way. 

7.Live your life

If you already chose or thinking about choosing this type of career, most likely it’s in order to be able to do what you love. And that’s why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is the hardest thing. When you’re doing what you love, at your own house and in your own pace it’s very easy to forget about other important parts of your life. Or to get so preoccupied with your work, that you neglect them for too long –  this never ends well. Spend time with your family, your beloved ones, your friends. Reserve some time for them every day. Include some “me-time” in your busy schedule. In the end, no matter how much you love your job, it won’t love you back ;)

Working from home definitely has its pros and cons, many times it's harder than a regular job, because everything depends on you and your level of motivation. First time I tried it many years ago - I wasn't ready and couldn't make it. Back then I wasn't aware how much responsibility it takes to actually keep yourself focused on a task without anybody telling you to do so. Now that I'm older, and I dare to say a little bit wiser, I believe I can do it - with the right amount of self-motivation, persistence and hard work. It turns out, that in order to actually enjoy perks of being a freelancer, you need to work your fingers to the bone - but it's totally worth it!

Do you think being a freelancer is a blessing or a curse?

Are you working from home or thinking about it? 

What are your ways to stay focus at work?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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