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I'm Katarzyna Wójcik, Polish graphic designer - freelancer living in Greece.
It's me who's behind Witty Mind Design. I'm a proud geek and multipotentialite. By day I'm designing in the field of corporate identity and creating graphics for games, by night I'm blogging, researching, learning new things and playing games (I'm a passionate fan of RPG genre). I'm a bookworm particularly attracted to fantasy literature and hopeless coffee-addict (it's serious - I am not a functional human being before my morning cup of coffee). My recent fascination is social media marketing - but I'm pretty much obsessed with many other subjects and learning process itself. I'm a natural born researcher and seeker of knowledge. If I didn't become a designer, I would be a scientist. Maybe anthropologist. Or data analyst. A programmer. Possibly a chef. Preferably all at the same time.
About Witty Mind
Witty Mind Design - a place to keep you entertained while I'm working on your brilliant brand identity! Or if you're a geek/multipassionate/inquisitive brainiac like me, to read about fascinating findings and exchange opinions.
Witty Mind Design was created out of my desire to gather in one place all things awesome that I'm obsessed with and to show samples of my work to the world. It focuses on (some of) my passions - design, games, movies, books, technology and geeky lifestyle. I've been tossing around the idea of starting a blog like this for quite some time. I wanted to create a place to connect with awesome people (like you!) and to share my opinions as well as the useful and sometimes funny & geeky stuff I find.
While I've been working as a freelance graphic designer on and off for the last 10 years, somehow I didn't claim any cozy place on the internet as mine (well, not quite true - I've got my resume website, which I love - I mean come on, it looks like a game! But it's not a place where I can write about things.).
In 2013 I've made few big steps - I've quit academical career (I was a Post-secondary College lecturer in the field of art & graphic design), I moved to beautiful Greece and at some point I've decided it's time to conquer the world with my own brand. It wasn't easy to change my life entirely, but finally the time has come and Witty Mind Design was born!
How can I help you?
I know that finding your own voice is sometimes very challenging, especially if you've just started and are struggling with so many road-blocks! Being your own boss is definitely fulfilling, but it also can be intimidating in the begining - it's an unknown territory after all! I work with creative entrepreneurs, girl-bosses and awesome individuals who are totally ready to level-up their image. I help them by creating their visual identity and make them even more passionate & excited about their brand. I believe that every project, big or small, is unique and deserves a special care. Whether you're solo enterpreneur, blogger or you're running a big time business, you need your visual identity to reflect your personality and key values. My mission is to give a powerful image to any of your projects. I love bringing to life the vision you've been having in mind - in a professional, clean-cut yet fun way.
My goal is to give you what your brand truly needs to make the right impression and to be memorable! I'd be happy to create:

A new amazing logo for your business, brand, blog or just because you rock!

Anything printable: flyer, poster, business card, t-shirt - you name it!

A total make-over of your brand: a new look to your visual identity, social media profiles and website that will make you shine!

What others are saying:
Katarzyna has made me a logo that I am very pleased with. The whole process was well prepared in the sense that she asked the right questions to get an idea of what I wanted my logo to represent. She delivered also very fast. I can only say that I experience Katarzyna as an easy to work with person. She is a perfectionist, organized but still flexible. It is fun to work together.
- Margot Galiart
MG Multitasking
Katarzyna is a perfectionist to the core and will always go the extra mile(s) to make sure the delivered product exceeds the customer's expectations. She's the most adaptable and down to earth artist I have had the pleasure of working with. She puts her heart and soul into every project, which shows not only in the finished designs but throughout the entire creative process. She truly understands the needs of her customers as well as the market. On top of it all, she is a delight to work with. I not only recommend her, but strongly encourage anyone in need of high quality graphic material to get in touch with her.
- Raluca Borcan
CMO at Lifelines to Greece
Katarzyna is a great professional who really helped creating my personal logo. She is very understanding and patient. I love the results of her work!
- Aga Gajownik
Speaker|Strategist at Aga Gajownik

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